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Prices listed for the 2023 Mulch Season

Dyed Triple Shred Hardwood Mulch

Dye must be able to dry for at least 24 hours after being spread, before rain, or dye could fade faster from wash off of dye.

Sizing of dyed material ranges from minimal fines to 2"



$28.00 / YD

$28.00/ YD

Natural Aged Hardwood Mulch

Double Shred 

Sizing of shred from fines up to 3"

Triple Shred

Sizing ranges from fines to 1"

$17.00 / YD

$20.00/ YD


Soils are sold by the yard. Each yard is equivalent to about 1 ton

*Availability depends on weather conditions

Screened Topsoil 

Mushroom Soil

Topsoil / Mushroom Garden Blend Soil 

(2:1 ratio)

$40.00 / YD

$22.00 / YD

$45.00 / YD

Railroad Ties

8' Railroad Ties               $25.00 each +tax

Delivery Fees

1 Yard Minimum order for delivery

Delivery fee will be calculated at time of order. Based on distance.


Split, Seasoned & Clean

Mixed Hardwood

Mostly Oak

Plus, Some Walnut, Cherry Ash and a few others.

Cut to 16"-18" length 


Picked Up


Choice Hardwood


Choice of All Hickory, All Oak, or All Locust

Cut to 16" - 18" length


Choice of length, up to 24", +-2" 

Available in Mixed Hardwood, Oak or Locust

Mixed​                       Choice

$25.00                     $35.00

Per Cubic Yard Bucket

Mixed                        Choice

$30.00                      $40.00

Per Cubic Yard Bucket

Minimum 8 buckets for delivery, additional charges for smaller quantities.

Delivery price within 15 Miles. Additional charges if farther than 15 Miles. 

Sold by the 1 Cubic Yard bucket, 1 cubic yard = approx. 27 cubic feet

7 buckets = approx. 1 Cord

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