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Premium Mulch


Dyed Black

Triple Shred Hardwood Mulch

Our most popular mulch. This color looks beautiful in any setting.


Dyed Brown

Triple Shred Hardwood Mulch

Dyed Brown Hardwood Mulch is a classic. For a more natural looking mulch, that will hold its color for the whole season, you can't go wrong!


Aged Triple

Natural Aged Triple Shred

Perfect for flower beds and gardens, this mulch will break down slightly faster due to the composting process, but will still last all season. The color will naturally fade in the elements.


Aged Double

Natural Aged Double Shred Mulch

This mulch has staying power! If you're looking for a mulch that won't break down quickly, but still benefits your plants. This is your most affordable option.

Erosion Control Mulch


Fresh Triple

Triple Shred Fresh Ground Mulch

Great for commercial blowers. Our finest shred option of Erosion Control Mulches. Perfect for use in Filter Sock.


Fresh Double

Double Shred Fresh Ground Mulch

Larger pieces than the Triple Shred, this is a great affordable option for homeowners and commercial use. Many use this mulch for walking paths.


Fresh Single

Single Shred Fresh Ground Mulch

The largest shred available. Great for constructing new berms for water diversion or driveable paths.



Mushroom Soil

Mushroom Soil Compost

Need a little help in the garden? This might help! Tomatoes, flowers, herbs, they all love it! 


Screened Topsoil

Screened Topsoil

Clean & Dry. Easy to spread by hand. Great for any yard project you can think of

STS- Mush blend.jpg

Garden Blend Soil

Garden Blend Soil Mix

Adding a raised garden to your yard? This is the perfect starter for your boxes. Clean topsoil mixed with mushroom soil. We do the mixing so its ready to use!

Sand & Stone


Light Bank

Light Bank Sand

All purpose sand. Light Yellow in color.



2B (#57) Stone

A clean stone, often used for driveways and walkways. Perfect choice for setting posts or for a concrete base. Best drainage option.


2A Modified

2A Modified Stone

A mixture of coarse stone and fine material. It is used as a road base and fill material. 


Crushed Concrete

Crushed Concrete

A recycled material containing mostly masonry and stone material. A great affordable option for a tight base layer


White Fill Stone

White Fill Stone

A mix of stone and sand. Stone size is less than 2". Affordable option for paths. Can be dusty.



Split Firewood

Seasoned Clean Hardwood

Our mixed hardwood firewood is cut between 16"-18" lengths. Tumble Screened to ensure the cleanest possible pile. A mix of hardwoods, mostly Oak, Locust, Cherry, Walnut & Ash.

Railroad Ties



8'- Grade 2 Used Railroad Ties

Grade #2 will have at least 2 out of 4 good sides and can have more than a 2″ split out on the ends. Used railroad ties works great for nonstructural earth retaining projects, where the appearance is not critical.

Everything Else



Garden Tools

Rakes, Shovels, Pitchforks and More



EB Mulch & Soils Apparel

T-shirts, Hoodies, Womens T-shirts & Women's Long Sleeve T's

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